Kathi Flanders

Republican Candidate for United States Congress
10th District, Ohio
Time to turn the page…
Time to turn the page…



National Debt

On October 22, 1981 our national debt reached one trillion dollars for the first time. Fast forward nearly 38 years and it is now a whopping 22 trillion plus! The Congressional Budget Office predicts it will rise to 28.7 trillion dollar by 2029 if nothing is done. This doesn’t include the 5.5 trillion the government owes itself.  WE are paying 389 billion dollars a year in interest alone and are expected to be paying seven trillion dollars over the next ten years. The 2018 Financial Report of the United States Government states this is unsustainable. Seems like we the little people knew that! Why don’t we hear Congress talking about this? Where is the outcry for policy change?  Why have we allowed this for so long?

Medicare and Social Security-
Rampant Abuse and Fraud-

Medicare is slated to run out of reserves by 2026 and Social Security will meet the same fate by 2034. The Inspector General gives Congress a yearly report on ways to save and stop abuse, but less than half of the recommendations ever get completed. It will only worsen for the American people as the population ages. So guess what must happen according to big government? Raise our taxes or make cuts in other areas of the budget. I don’t know, maybe the above examples of waste needs to stop immediately? Another plan the politicians are mulling is to raise the retirement age. No! Stop the abuse and become fiscally responsible just as we the people do with our household budgets.  Hospital and insurance companies are out of control with their costs as well as the pharmaceutical companies.  For instance, the hospital may be in your insurance’s network, but the physician you saw may not be and you, in turn, get a huge bill. We must confront this beast before it is too late.  Maybe if the pharmaceutical companies concentrate less on their bottom line they could decrease the cost on some of their life saving drugs for the people.
Older people are struggling to pay for their medical care and needed prescriptions. Medicare does not cover eyeglasses or hearing aids, something this population needs. Perfectly healthy people are forced to pay for a medication benefit they don’t need or pay a penalty for the rest of their lives. Why would you give a healthy person $280.00 a year for over the counter medications? This is a waste because of course they will use it since it is free. How about more investigators investigating those collecting Social Security Disability when they should be collecting a weekly paycheck? There is so much to tackle!

Immigration Reform

 We seem to have enough money to take care of people coming through our ever open border! The current system is badly broken and we need immediate comprehensive immigration reform. We need it NOW! We must take care of our own first. We have a homeless problem, including our hero veterans. We have a suicide crisis amongst our veterans and police. We have children going hungry. So many impoverished families are one paycheck away from homelessness. We need more law enforcement to get the gangs and drug dealers off our streets to help curb the loss of our loved ones. Why are we allowing this broken system to continue? Look at the billions of our dollars spent on the border, not to mention the money spent on non Americans once they are here! I am not anti immigrant; I am anti illegal entry into the United States. I am angry that Congress continues to sit on their hands and do nothing to solve this crisis! Yes, it is a crisis! Again, one side sees potential voters because their policies will never fly with the majority of the American people and the other side has to be politically correct or risk not being reelected. Instead of reforming the immigration policy, we add more to the national debt!

Local Issues, Education, Jobs

The counties of Montgomery, Greene and Fayette are wonderful communities, each with their own unique and charming characteristics. However, there is always room for continued growth and improvement.  Some of our rural communities are in need of more family practice physicians and other healthcare providers. We need to promote these little towns as they are perfect places to raise children and start a business.
A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that tens of thousands of millennial and younger gen x folks are leaving the big cities for cheaper housing and better schools. I would love to attract these young families to our district. Menards, home improvement company, is slated to open a distribution and manufacturing plant in Jeffersonville in Fayette County soon that will provide at least 150 new jobs. Fayette County is under an hour travel time to the greater Dayton and Columbus areas that are booming with cultural and entertainment venues.
Our district has a higher rate of unemployment compared to the United States average and in need of more trade schools and apprentice programs that would enable people to gain the skills needed to fulfill some of these open positions. Our population is aging and it is getting harder to fill some of these jobs because lack of training or interest.
The cities of Trotwood and West Dayton are currently in need of grocery stores with fresh produce. Everyone deserves access to fresh food and we need to be promoting this more. Although there are many programs in the works, they can only do so much. I would love to work with city leaders in our communities to help bring more businesses into these areas. After all, our communities know better on what their needs are and how to achieve them, not big government.
Education is so important to a stable and functioning society and we need to instill this at a young age in our children. Early childhood learning is crucial for instilling a love of learning at a very young age. We also need to improve mentoring for our at risk youth. We must work with parents to help steer their children toward a path of success. We need to attract more quality teachers in our districts to improve the graduation rates and assist them to a higher education whether it is to college or a trade school. However we cannot blame the failure of students on all teachers as there are many wonderful teachers out there with who feel their hands are tied. Parents must be involved in their children’s education and future. We need to promote the value of the family unit and how it impacts the future of our children.
All of this wasted money could be used to improve the lives of Americans in need by diverting this senseless spending to more trade and apprenticeship schools and programs, which many are at capacity, job training and assistance for childcare while young parents pursue a career opportunity. Not everyone is programmed for college and with the astronomical tuition cost, not everyone is able to attend. Imagine opening up more opportunities to a population who just need a hand up to achieve a more self sustaining way of life. People must have hope, encouragement and opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of their families. With exposure to the possibilities life offers, we can break that cycle of despair and hopelessness.

WPAFB and Its Vital Presence-

I will also continue to support our beloved and exceptional Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) who is so important to our communities and our entire nation. The economic impact from WPAFB in our community is immense.  Dayton Daily News staff writer, Max Filby recently reported WPAFB increased employment of skilled workers to over 30,000. WPAFB is home to the Air Force Research Laboratory and houses so many talented scientists, engineers and the people who work behind the scenes to strengthen our military capabilities. President Trump’s love of our military and subsequent funding for it is one of the reasons for this recent growth. He understood how the last administration chose not to make our military a priority and is making it right again. Because of the increased funding, WPAFB is slated to have the F-35 fighter jet sustainment program up and running by 2022 which will bring even more jobs. They are also in process of building a new facility that will bring six facilities together under one building which in turn will bring more house intelligence analysts and labs. All of this growth is so important to the many other businesses that supply WPAFB with their ever changing and essential technology, such as Centerville, Ohio’s own SelectTech Services who’s President and CEO, Scott Sullivan was recently appointed to the JobsOhio Board for economic development.
WPAFB’s website lists high demand career opportunities for scientists, engineers contracting specialists, financial management specialists, budget analysts, cost estimators, police officers, logistics and supply chain management specialists and medical specialists. So much excitement happening at our distinguished WPAFB! Funding for our military must always be a top priority.

I am PRO Second Amendment!

The American Psychological Association (APA) recently concluded that mass shootings and mental health are not connected; stating that it would classify all those who have mental illness as potential mass shooters. I do not agree with their statement. Of course they are mentally ill. It certainly is not the norm!  We can in turn say the same about responsible gun owners who abide by the law and that just because you own a gun does not mean you will be a mass shooter. The proposed Red Flag Law is contradictory to our constitution in that you are basically guilty until proven innocent. Anyone can tell law enforcement, say a scorned spouse or significant other that they were threatened and that accused person’s liberties are immediately infringed upon. No questions asked. Of course it should be investigated, but our constitution does protect our individual rights. I don’t believe more laws will stop an unhinged individual from getting their determined hands on a weapon to commit a homicide.
We did not have this problem twenty years ago and we need to figure out what changed. We no longer value the family unit or God’s role in our lives. We are so quick to medicate our children when stern disciplinary action may in fact change the undesirable behavior. Some children do not respect parents, teachers, police or any other authority figure. While I do believe respect is earned, it is also taught.

Supporting Our President!

I have and will support the good policies pushed forward by Donal Trump….USMCA, Immigration Reform, Infrastructure, Tax Reform, Job Creation…the list goes on and on. While my opponent fights and ridicules the President, I will stand with the President!

There is so much to do!

We the people must join together and stop our government from growing even larger. Our forefathers envisioned what is happening in our government today and created Article V of the Constitution which gives us the power to put a halt on that ever growing hand of government. They are in every aspect of our lives. Visit Convention of and see for yourself how WE can take back what is ours. Do your part and sign the petition. I did. The time has come for an amendment that will give the power back to every American, not just those in Congress who thinks they know what’s best for us.
I will work with you and for you. I will be transparent in my intent and will be accountable to you. I will point fingers where it is needed so you may see who is responsible for the successes or failures in our Congress.
This is why I am running for Congress in the Primary March 17, 2020 to be YOUR United States Representative in the 10th District Ohio. I want to make a difference in my country and my community, both who have given so much to make a difference in me. Time to turn the page…
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