Let’s Change the 10th District…
          Our constitution allows for a two year term for United States House of Representative members, but there are no limits on how many terms they may serve. Thankfully this same brilliant constitution does enable us to vote them out. For too long congress has sat on their hands, bickered amongst each other and kicked that proverbial can down the road, all for the sake of getting those votes for reelection. Meanwhile we are cascading into chaos. Have they forgotten who put them there? We the people did.

          Kathi believes we can be civil and reach across the aisles to engage in meaningful conversations that will lead us to common ground in which we can produce solutions to the issues that our country faces today. Solutions we can all agree on and benefit from.
We are all Americans and it is time we start acting like it. Please join Kathi in turning this page.

Volunteers are cheerfully welcomed!


Till The Primary Election: